Dr. Pfaffenroth Discusses The Benefits of Treating Cancer at Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Pfaffenroth Physicians, nurses and caretakers at Kaiser Permanente understand that you want the best care possible for yourself and your loved ones, and … source Microsilk

Live Colonic Irrigation Video- Miami Colonic Hydrotherapy Session @FeelTheheal

For more before and after photos and videos on other treatments visit www.instagram.com/feeltheheal Live colonic irrigation video – real footage colonic … source Hydrotherapy

Baby with Harlequin ichthyosis covered in cracked skin

Infants with the condition are born covered with a hard layer of protein in the outer layer of the skin, which forms scale-like diamond-shaped plates, separated by … source Ichthyosis

Sponge Filter Modification More Oxygen/Less Noise..

Hi guys I just wanna show the little mod I choose to do on my sponges to improve them before adding them to the tanks. As always please Rate Comment and … source Microbubbles

Membersihkan hasil oksidasi microbubble burayak ikan nila

Membersih hasil oksidasi microbubble burayak ikan nila. source Nanobubbles

God in me should see the God in others – Dr Paulose FRCS (ENT)

WARNING: Graphic Content. Viewer discretion is advised. ——-//——- 3year old Namith is born as a Collodion baby. His mother 26 year old Nayana is happy … source Ichthyosis

Fluval 406 Canister Fix!

After trying everything to fix my Fluval 406 I posted a video asking peoples help with my issue. I found the issue, and created a free and easy fix. Now its air-tight … source Microbubbles

Glitzy Spa SLIME FOOT BATH with Poopsie Unicorn + My Life Spa Set Opening | Toy Caboodle

Today we are opening the Glitzy Spa slime foot bath from “We Cool”. This Slime bath has one pound of slime provided and a foot bath with a massager. Joining … source Bath and Spa

Venturi finebubble dan microbubble sangat cocok untuk kolam/tambak

Venturi finebubble dan microbubble Manfaat Venturi yaitu meningkatkan kadar oksigen dalam air, Sangat cocok untuk pemakaian di aquaculture. source Nanobubbles

Hot Tub Britain (#HotTubBritain)

HotTubBritain. source Microsilk

Dead Sea: Day 1 Peeling Some FLAKES! [Psoriasis]

My first day on the dead sea showing some good results along with the treatments! I’m alive and unfortunately internet is a bit slow in my area so I’m having … source Ichthyosis