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CASHIDO the cleaning experts MICRO BUBBLE SYSTEMS The Cabozi Micro Bubble System creates billions of tiny bubbles, or Micro Bubbles, to turn clear water a milky white in thirty seconds. Micro Bubbles can be filled with a gas of your choice, including O2, O3, CO2 and hydrogen. Applicable to bathtubs, spas, hotels, food processing, wastewater […]

The White Water Company

Featured Demonstrations of our Portable Microbubble Nanobubbler for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types: – Symptomatic treatment for Harlequin Ichthyosis, Ichthyosis Vulgaris, Ichthyosis Lamellar, Ichthyosis X Linked, Ichthyosis Bullosa, Ichthyosis EHK Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis – Creates Billion of Tiny Nanobubbles that are injected into water – Over 150% Oxygen Saturation – 1.2 Million […]


Ichthyosis is not one disease, but a family of about 20 skin conditions that lead to dry skin. People with this condition lose the protective barrier that keeps moisture in their skin. They also make new skin cells too quickly or shed old cells too slowly. This leads to a buildup of thick, scaly skin


Unlike traditional air bubbles, MicroSilk microbubbles are small enough to enter pores and remove impurities. The microbubbles collapse deep in the water, releasing oxygen and heat energy. A MicroSilk bath is like giving your entire body a facial, making your skin feel luxuriously silky and younger looking.

Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Our portable nanobubble hydrotherapy device is a revolutionary system that saturates your bathwater with billions of tiny air bubbles, high levels of dissolved oxygen, anions, and consistent heat to collectively combine and form an additive-free bathing experience that improves skin and relaxes the body. While beneficial to any bather, the properties of nanobubble bathing can […]