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Natural Gains: What Vortex Generators Do for Water

Anita Narayan, of the UK, engages Adam in a Q & A session via Skype about vortex generators and how they work. For more information, please visit: … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

2-12-2020 De~Lovely Wet Hot & Steamy Fusion Reactor Update

Fourms Moderator Public Release. This is a privileged private group your privileged to be on, it goes out to our forums of 350k … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Nanobubble nozzle testing

Testing nanobubble nozzle. source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Waste water Nano Bubble

Nano Bubble Technologies doing a trial on green waste water at a piggery and infusing nano bubbles with oxygen and ozone. source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Ocean de Luxe

High-end hydrotherapy and underwater massage bath tub. source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

First video.. I was born with EHK Ichthyosis

This is my first video! Welcome to my life living with EHK ichthyosis. source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Cancer Research Exploding Nanobubbles Can Kill Cancer Cells

Masimo researchers are studying a unique approach that detects and destroys the cancer cells that cause recurrence. Researchers hope to begin clinical trials … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Innovation in Freshwater Fisheries and Aquaculture


Superconductivity, ultrasound, microbubbles, and mechanical dynamics

At Keio University, the Sugiura Laboratory, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Science and Technology) is investigating various … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

ARIS Microbubble Project

Dai Price, a researcher with the Environmental Technologies group within SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services department speaks about the … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Healing Power of Oxygen

Kimberly Snyder, C.N., is a nutritionist and the New York Times bestselling author of the Beauty Detox book series. Kimberly is also the creator of Glow Bio, … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy