AIRPRAX | Micro bubble low pressure aeration hose |

AIRPRAX is the only microbubble hose in the world. Provides a very high oxygen transfer rate combined with a … source Microsilk

AMB3G3 Micro Nano bubble generator

3 litter per min. DC24V 5A Foot spa model. source Nanobubbles

Test microbubble dan penampakan microbubble dalam air

Test microbubble dan penampakan microbubble dalam air. source Nanobubbles

(Diy) cara membuat venturi macro-micro bubble (gampang murmer)

Untuk: kolam ikan,udang,aquarium, hidroponik,dll. bahan : selang aquarium secukupnya tee selang aquarium x3 tee pvc 1/2″ (drat dalam) x1 lbow pvc 1/2″(drat … source Nanobubbles

Membersihkan hasil oksidasi microbubble burayak ikan nila

Membersih hasil oksidasi microbubble burayak ikan nila. source Nanobubbles

Venturi finebubble dan microbubble sangat cocok untuk kolam/tambak

Venturi finebubble dan microbubble Manfaat Venturi yaitu meningkatkan kadar oksigen dalam air, Sangat cocok untuk pemakaian di aquaculture. source Nanobubbles

Micro Nano Bubble Generator AS-NEW

Newly developed generator, 15 litter per min output. Applications for Aqua culture, Horticulture, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Ozone, Agriculture, Waste water treatment … source Nanobubbles

Nano Bubble Generator – Micro nano bubble generator with water movement density current generator

Nano bubble generator – small capacity nano bubble generator. Micro Nano Bubble Generator The micro nano bubble generator … source Nanobubbles

Superconductivity, ultrasound, microbubbles, and mechanical dynamics

At Keio University, the Sugiura Laboratory, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Science and Technology) is investigating various … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

ARIS Microbubble Project

Dai Price, a researcher with the Environmental Technologies group within SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services department speaks about the … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

RELIQ microbubbles demo in slow motion

Patented in US, Germany, Japan, & China. RELIQ microbubble nozzle can generate approximately 3 million microbubbles per gallon per minute under regular … source Microbubbles