Home Pet Spa or Booster Dog Bath

Home Pet Spa Test – Pet channel – Main channel – Follow … source Bath and Spa

Ichthyosis acquisita

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Nano bubble Waterwheel

Power generated fine bubbles only energy of water! The most energy-saving nano bubble generator in the world. source Nanobubbles

Release the Butterfly Concert – It's You I Like

This video was taken at the Release the Butterfly Concert to benefit the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types (FIRST). An emotional performance of … source Ichthyosis

Meet The Boy Who Can't Stop Growing Skin!

In this episode of Tea Time I react to the boy who cant stop growing skin! IVE-YEAR-OLD Evan Fasciano’s condition causes his skin to grow at ten times the … source Ichthyosis

Tip – How to open a shaken can of soda

Tip – How to open a shaken can of soda without exploding Opening a can of Coke, Orangina, Pepsi, Schweppes, or any other carbonated drink that has been … source Microbubbles

Nano bubble proses paling sederhana tapi hasil josss

Alat ini cocok untuk hewan di air karna ini sangat dominan menambah DO air. source Nanobubbles

Student-run Ferda Farms making waves in aquaculture

Ferda Farms, a small oyster farm on New Meadows River in Brunswick, Maine, focuses on innovation, sustainability, research and outreach. Along with Chris … source Nanobubbles

Bolt Threads delivers a special tie

Bolt Threads delivers a tie to special customer Joshua Katcher, fashion instructor at Parsons The New School for Design and founder of vegan men’s lifestyle … source Microsilk

Healthcast: Microbubbles treats liver cancer

Healthcast: Microbubbles treats liver cancer. source Microbubbles

Cancer Research Exploding Nanobubbles Can Kill Cancer Cells

Masimo researchers are studying a unique approach that detects and destroys the cancer cells that cause recurrence. Researchers hope to begin clinical trials … source Nanobubble Hydrotherapy